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Commercial Fleet Solutions


Eco Perfect increases profits and ROI of trucking fleets.

  • A typical 18 wheel truck consumes an average of 20000 gallons of fuel each year.

  • The annual overhead of a vehicles operation is roughly $180,000  (this includes fuel, maintenance, repairs, insurance, drivers wages, tolls, taxes, permits etc.

  • Gross revenue averages for an 18 wheel truck are about $195,000 per year for 105,000 miles traveled.

  • Thus the annual gross profit per vehicle is about $15,000.

As can be seen the trucking fleets operate at a tight margin in order to maintain profitability.

The larges share of the operating costs lies in fuel,  it lies between $60,000 to $70,000 a year, approximately 40 percent of the total operating costs of the vehicle. This is where Eco Perfect comes into play.

A net fuel savings of only 10 percent will reduce fuel expenditures by $6,000 to $7,000 a year per vehicle. This raises the annual gross profit by nearly 40 percent.

In addition to increasing the profit margin through fuel one will also save on fleet maintenance by using Eco Perfect. Eco perfect prevents and reduces carbon build up, which accounts for part of the general truck maintenance.

And the greatly reduced emissions, which will keep your vehicles “fine free” and on the road.

To find out how Eco Perfect can increase profits of your trucking fleet contact us here.

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