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Eco Perfect in Use

Gulf Coast Concrete Company,  Richmond, Texas

Improved Mileage/Fuel Economy: 19.2%

Improved Emissions – Total Gases and Total Fleet: 35% (Individual trucks had up to 85% reduction)

Improved Maintenance, Vehicle Productivity: 12%

Working trial included fleet of 25 cement-mixer retail trucks (Packard, Peterbilt, International) ranging in age from 1992 to 2006. Trucks carry 50 & 75 gallon tanks.

Trial parameters: Fleet ran one week without fuel additive and the following week with our fuel additive.

Trucks were logged and filled in the morning and upon their return in the evening. Mileage and general usage was noted.

End of first week (without additive) of emissions were analyzed with trucks’ emissions ranging 600 – 1000 total parts per million of EPA recognized harmful gases.

Second week was run with Fuel additive added to tanks, same 25 truck fleet, and same daily procedure. At the end of the week the emissions were also analyzed.

Henderson Trucking, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

Improved mileage: 25.7% (Mileage improved by 5.09 to 6.4 mpg on 2006 model with 225,000 miles)

Improved mileage: 16.7% (Mileage improved by 6 to 7 mpg on 2010 model with 6000 miles)

Working trial included 2 Peterbilt Tractors: 2010 Model and 2006 Model. Test included 400 gallons fuel test per truck and 1 gallon of our Catalyst per truck. 


The trucks were subjected to full loads, hard driving in sloped terrain, Rocky Mountain runs- not usually his venue.

Broussard Brothers Intercoastal City, Louisiana

Improved Fuel Economy: 15 to 23%

No emissions tests were conducted.

Working trials included tug boats.

Every Captain noticed a remarkable change in the performance of the boats that they were running.

Captains noticed increase power of the push boat engines.

Captains initially reported less and less black smoke and then to no smoke off the muffler stacks.

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