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  • Has Eco Perfect been tested?
    Eco Perfect has been tested in a variety of engines ranging from simpler farming equipment like tractors and electrical generators to cars, tug boats and diesel trucks. Each engine offers its own challenges and demands, pushing Eco Perfect to formulate unique concentrations and components for many specifications. Even within this diversity, Eco Perfect has maintained an environmental focus while reducing fuel consumption.
  • Is Eco Perfect registered with the EPA?
    Yes it is. Our EPA Registration number is 23972001.
  • What research has been done with Eco Perfect?
    Eco Perfect is the culmination of over 15 years of research. (Links to first papers). In the last 6 years the research has concentrated on the ability to produce the active ingredient in a concentrated form, allowing it to be mixed directly into fuel effectively. The technology behind Eco Perfect is the subject of multiple Patents.
  • Will Eco Perfect harm my engine?
    No. The ethanol found in Eco Perfect gasoline engine treatments not only assists in our catalytic process, it also absorbs any other water found in your fuel, expelling it with the already naturally occurring water vapor produced in combustion. To further ensure this is never a problem, Eco Perfect is always added to a full tank of fuel to reduce and we have formulated our product to maximize the efficiency of your fuel and engine. Tests done by independent laboratories confirm Eco Perfect does not harm engines.
  • Does Eco Pefect cause the engine to burn hotter, and would this cause damage?"
    Eco Perfect only provides a more efficient burn to get more out of the same amount of fuel, meaning no excessive heat. The heat produced in this process is closely monitored by your engine’s thermostat and cooling system to ensure proper temperatures are maintained. This is important for the engine as proper high temperatures are necessary to prevent pollution and provide suitable power to the engine pistons.
  • Will my engine have more or less engine repairs if I use Eco Perfect?
    The typical combustion process, whether gasoline or diesel, consists of breaking down hydrocarbons in the fuel and recombining with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water vapor. This is considered an ideal combustion. However, engine wear, impure fuel, and design imperfections mean an ideal reaction does not occur. In this incomplete combustion, carbon is left over and secondary pollutants are produced as harmful emissions while the carbon builds up in the engine and in the exhaust. It is the “sooty” black stuff you see in exhaust stacks and inside an engine. In refineries it is also called “coke.” This carbon build up is the number one killer of engines When we put Eco Perfect through an engine we are doing two things: We are creating a more perfect reaction – this not only ensures increased power and fuel efficiency, it also reduces carbon build-up and secondary pollutant production. We are consuming the pre-existing carbon build up – similar to a catalytic converter on a car. This effectively helps to “clean” out the engine and restore cylinder efficiency. Those carbon build ups are the number one cause of engine decay and loss in fuel economyand the simplest way to improve your vehicle life and power. Therefore with less fuel being burned for the same amount of energy and less harmful byproducts occurring in the engine one would expect to see an extended engine life with less repair needed.
  • How long has Eco Perfect been on the market?
    Eco Perfect has been available to large fleets both in the US and overseas for several years.
  • Why haven’t I heard of this before?
    It is easier to get a product of the ground for industrial use, due to the rave feedback we’ve had in the industrial sector we decided to make this product available to the consumer as well.
  • How can I tell if I’m getting a good return on investment by using Eco Perfect?
    The most obvious way to see an investment return is by comparing your fuel economy prior to the use of Eco Perfect, and comparing your fuel economy after having used the initial pack of Eco Perfect once you are on the maintenance pack. Many users of Eco Perfect report an investment return based on fuel economy alone. One must also take into account the decrease in carbon build up in the engine by use of Eco Perfect. Carbon deposits are the number one engine killer. A fuller burn of fuel, accompanied by a decrease in carbon build up in most cases should result in less maintenance fees and engine repair. You can also look at the results that others have gotten using Eco Perfect here, Eco Perfect road tests.
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